So I have been to just about every dispensary within an hour or two from my home in Howell. This is by far the BEST place. The concentrates are top of the line without the INSANE prices that other places near Fuel 420 charge. Its a joke to even consider going somewhere else in Jackson, honestly..Ive been to them all. This is the best. Best bud tenders and all around atmosphere Ive seen. Its over an hour drive but I still happily make it over the just half hour drive to Ann Arbor…its that worth it! Shout out to thier bud tender Hailey. She was so knowledgeable and engaging, she was the most helpful bud tender Ive had the pleasure to deal with. Her suggestions were phenomenal and I all together could not be more pleased than I am when I walk out of their doors with a bag full of concentrates! Honestly they are all great there, just all together a GREAT place.41 month agoHelpfulReport